The ROCHEM® group of companies was founded in 1973.  ROCHEM first introduced Reverse Osmosis into its product line in 1982. ROCHEM® Americas, Inc. is a member of the ROCHEM® group of companies.

ROCHEM® Seawater Desalination Systems are based on 30 years of experience with installation of more than 3000 units on ships of different kinds and sizes and more than 700 units on naval vessels.

In 1989, ROCHEM® entered the industrial leachate (liquid toxic waste) treatment market for landfill locations. ROCHEM® reverse osmosis plants for the treatment of landfill leachate are designed in standardized systems. The designs are based on many years of broad experience in the treatment of leachate. Over 500 leachate treatment systems are currently operating world wide.

ROCHEM® is unique because of its multi-faceted approach to effective membrane filtration. The ROCHEM® group combines the manufacturing and service of outstanding membrane systems and produces its own patented membrane modules.

ROCHEM® is a team of highly experienced individuals with the common goal of continuously improving membrane systems towards the best product available.